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Sun-signs do not tell your future in full. They only tell us our predictions, our personality and predict probable events in our life. It also suggests remedies that might stave off a negative effect of astrological combination.

Astrology is not an obscure science. Instead, it is a tool for understanding ourselves better. It helps us to move through life with a clearer perspective on our experiences and those of the people around us. However, for the correct interpretation of the astrological charts, there are certain parameters that are of vital significance. One of these is the ecliptic and the zodiac. The ecliptic is the path that the sun apparently forms in the heavens. Of course, it is the earth that orbits the sun, but it seems from the earth as if it is the sun that has carved out a path for itself at an angle to the celestial equator. The ecliptic is divided into twelve equal divisions, each of 30 degrees, one for each zodiac sign.

Each sign of the zodiac has a graphical representation, called a glyph, which relates to an animal or something similar. Each planet too has its own glyph. It is these symbols that are used in the construction of astrological charts.

All these planetary symbols are essentially made of the same elements, the cross, the circle and the half circle. These are used in different combinations to make each symbol. Each of these elements has a specific significance. The circle represents eternity and the spirit. A dot inside the circle represents the spirit coming out. The cross represents the material world and the semi circle stands for the soul.

While constructing an astrological chart, everything is taken into account: the positions of the planets within the Zodiac, as well as their relation to each other and to the Sun and Moon. All these energies affect us, and in some cases the combined energies of several bodies can be more powerful than the Sun's position alone and can even outweigh the Sun's influence. No two astrological charts are identical, even if they happen to be those of twins. Each personís chart is unique to him/her as his/her fingerprints.

Astrological profiles can serve many purposes. They can provide personal insights and tell us more about ourselves, about our tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. They can serve as the starting point for deeper explorations of the self. And of course, astrological profiles have great entertainment value too, providing hours of fun and insightful information to talk about. Many people appreciate astrological profiles as gifts, especially for significant birthdays, weddings and the birth of children. Astrological profiles are useful not only for people-they can also shed light on businesses, political events, and even on your pets!