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Would you like to give your man a special gift?

Love towards a close friend or lover is special. Indian women can read their individual signs and find out what they can do to enhance love towards one and all. Here's the forecast for Valentine's Day.

You are known to demand love. This Valentine's Day, try and return the love showered on you by your lover/husband. Gift him with flowers, perfumes and if possible with smart clothes. Don't worry, he will also splurge on you.

Don't be stubborn on this great day. You have to go that extra mile to show you care. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and give a card or buy some great looking shirt or suit. You are generally very forthright in expressing your love. Put a stop to it this day. Subtle expressions should work well for you this year.

You may not be very expressive in your love, but your heart longs for it. This Valentine's Day express your undying love and enjoy the benefits. Do remember to shower your better half or lover with presents. Give something that is unforgettable.

Cancerians are silent lovers. They can charm anybody with a smile. Gift your lover or beloved with a nice chocolate cake. Let it be heart shaped. Your sentimental nature will come to the fore on this wonderful day.

Pompous Leo, try and shed your ego on this day. Reach out to the people you care and love. Lavish clothes or perfumes on them. If you are engaged to be married, give red roses to your fiancée.

You are going to have a great time. Presents will come pouring in from friends and relatives, not to mention your husband. Virgos are known for class. They go for quality and finesse. Present carnations or a precious stone to your beloved. Go ahead and enjoy yourself.

Today, you will be at your best. There is praise and adulation on all sides. Go ahead and revel in it. Make sure you give a fantastic gift to all your loved ones especially your husband or lover. Librans like bright colours and have a good sense of dressing. Go ahead and dress well. Perfumes and flowers should do the trick.

Scorpions have a tendency to expect a lot from their loved ones. Fear lurks constantly in their minds. Shed all this, dears. This is a great day. Give a gift, at least a card, to your beloved or lover. For your children or relatives, give gifts that they will appreciate. Don't worry, you will also get gifts and plenty of love.

The Sagittarian is ever compromising and loving. Go ahead dear! Enjoy yourself! You are likely to get loads of gifts. Do remember to give cards, cakes, perfumes or smart clothes on this day. Be yourself.

Don't whine. Don't keep everything bottled up. Go out with your beloved or lover. Splurge! Take your loved one to a restaurant for a candlelit dinner. Don't forget to gorge. You could get gifts from strangers too.

You are a tough cookie as far as love is concerned. Break that shell, dear. Enjoy the essence of love. Don't forget that there is definitely a difference between love and friendship. Cultivate love at all costs. Go ahead and lavish gifts and words too. You will be justly rewarded.

You are a sacrificing and loving lot. Love comes naturally to you. So what are you waiting for? Try and get emotionally attached to someone. Red roses, carnations, gladioli, asters are appropriate gifts. Don't forget to tie the bouquet with heart shaped designs on the ribbons. Give gifts to your children too. They will be very loving and caring.