Beef Roast >>
Bringing the ingredients together........


 Beef - 1 kg  Onions 2 medium size, sliced
 Green chillies 4 split  Ginger 1 chopped
 Coriander powder 2 teaspoon  Garlic 8 pods
 Tomatoes 2 cut  Cinnamon 1 & Cardamom 5
 Cloves 5  Fennel(Perum Jeerakam) - 4 tsp.
 Turmeric powder teaspoon  Black pepper corn 8

Ingredients for Seasoning

 Onions One teaspoon cut fine  Oil (Coconut oil preferred) One cup
 Mustard seeds tsp & Curry Leaves  Coconut One cup - small pieces


Wipe the meat with damp cloth. Put it into a very Oven [450 F] for 10 15 min to brown or sear the Meat and add spices. Then reduce heat to hot 375 F and baste in 20 min. For the first half of the cooking time and afterwards every 30 min. And another 10min over for solid joints [with out bone].

Remove on to a hot dish when cooked. Drain off fat from tin and make gravy from sediment.