Chicken Fry >>
Bringing the ingredients together........


 Chicken 1 kg cut into big pieces  Onions 3 sliced
 Garlic 4 cloves sliced thin  Ginger 1 piece sliced thin
 Green chillies 5 slit  Coriander powder tablespoon
 Chilli powder 1 tablespoon  Pepper powder 1 teaspoon
 Cinnamon 1  Cardamom 5
 Cloves 3  Turmeric teaspoon
 Curry leaves 2 sprig  Oil 3 tablespoon & Salt to tase


Mix chicken pieces with all the ingredients and salt. Add enough water and cook till the chicken is tender (25 minutes in vessel or 15 minutes in a cooker). Pick out the pieces from gravy and keep aside. Shallow fry the chicken pieces on low fire. Fry the pieces till light brown. Fry some onion till brown in left over pan. Crush fried onion in the oil itself. Pour the gravy into the pan. Boil till gravy thickens an oil separates. The gravy can be served separately or poured over the chicken pieces and served.

If you a using a pressure cooker, then put all the ingredients with the necessary water and cook it for 15 minutes on low fire.