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Bringing the ingredients together........


 2 cups of white rice  Half a coconut
 1 table spoon of yeast  sugar
 salt  2 table spoon of cooked rice


-Soak the washed rice for 3 to 4 hours. Wash and drain.

-Grind the soaked rice in a blender with just enough water so that the ground material will be thick

-In the early stages of grinding take out about two table spoon of the partially ground rice and keep it apart for cooking and later mixing.(This will be called KURUKKU)

-mix seperatly 1 teaspoonful of yeast , quarter cup of luke warm water and 1 tablespoon of sugar and allow the mixture to rise.

-Grind the coconut to a milky emulsion

-Mix your ground rice, 'Kurukku'(cook the partially ground rice saved earlier like a thick porridge) the yeast mixture and ground coconut

-Allow the mixture to ferment for about 6 hours.

-Add sugar and salt as your taste dictates.You can add a little cocnut milk to adjust the consistancy.(You can add one beaten up egg at this stage if you fear appams sticking to the pan.- Alternately you can wrap a half fried egg in cloth and use it to rub the frying area of your pan.)

-Now put the mixture in a warm oven for 2 hours just before you make the Appams

-After it rises DO NOT STIR

Use a cast iron pan and use the same technique that one uses for pancakes.