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How to make a woman feel loved

Guys, I know you care about her, but you don't know what to do to make her feel safe, cherished and loved. Here it is, straight from the mouth of babes:

The small everyday acts he does.

Saying he will love me no matter what I do.

Flowers on the pillow.

Being protective where it counts. He lets me know that he would never let anything harmful happen to me.

Breakfast in bed.

Being generous with himself, regardless of the pressures he is under.

When he's with me, he's with me. I have his complete undivided attention.

Keeping the sparkle alive in our relationship by continually trying to surprise and impress me. What a guy!

Being supportive of me makes me feel loved. Then, when I feel loved, I am more self-confident and am willing to take more risks in my career.

Listening to my ideas and is willing to discuss them.

Excited and proud of me and my work. I know that he's proud when he goes on and on about what I'm doing.

Being my best friend. As my best friend, he accepts me and loves me just the way I am, whether I put on 5 pounds or lose 5 pounds.

Being tender, thoughtful and making me laugh.

Being romantic.

Saying I love you.

The way he treats me shows me how much he really loves me.

Showing his love in lots of different ways.

Taking care of me, honoring me and respecting me makes me feel safe.

I love the gifts he gives me, but the best gift is his emotional support.

Accepting me as I am.

How he lights up when I enter a room.

Encouraging me to pursue my goals.