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Marriage built on compatibility

Marriage & Feelings Marriage is built on the foundation of love, trust and commitment. A union in which two people are joined to enjoy a life-long love that endures many tests. Many people will walk into a marriage blindly with false expectations thinking that the honeymoon will never end. The true test of a marriage is having the ability and the willingness to overcome difficulties and grow from past mistakes. However, it becomes challenging when issues continually arise and compromise is almost impossible. The truth is many allow love and romance to be the determining factor for a marriage. True, you must have both for the marriage to work. But soon the newness ends and reality presents itself, and an important question arises. Are you and your partner compatible?

Compatibility is vital, yet it is something that many relationships lack. In a marriage you must know your own needs, plus the needs of your mate. If one is not satified a strain will be felt in the marriage. It is impossible to like everything your mate does, however too many different interests and tastes will weaken the bond. Those contemplating marriage need to have a two-way communication. Important matters such as whom will handle the money, where the couple will live, and what type of discipline will be used for children should be discussed prior to marriage. Couples have a tendency to wait until after marriage to talk about these matters and find themselves disagreeing.

The person you marry should be your best friend. This is the individual who you plan to spend the rest of your life with. Marriage partners should know each other inside and out: their wants, needs, interest, goals, fears, and desires. Couples that rush into marriage and do not value the friendship aspect may find themselves consulting with others about their confidential marriage issues. This lack of friendship may also lead to infidelity. Not being able or feeling uncomfortable with finding comfort in your partner will end in seeking comfort elsewhere.

Friendships that evolve into relationships are lasting. The individuals have already established a bond and have come to know each other. This is good because we tend to show our friends our true self quicker than we would someone pursuing us. Our friends see our weaknesses and faults, as well as our strengths and virtues. Friends know our background and the reason we may behave a certain way.

Compatibility will never be perfect. We are all imperfect and have faults. Some of these faults we see early and others not until later. The couple that is truly compatible and have developed a friendship will deal with problems accordingly. The love must be strong enough to endure and the good must outweigh the bad. This results in a strong, solid marriage foundation.