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Do's and Don't's of courtship

The rules of courtship change, and as with everything in life, different rules apply for different personalities. Here is a rough and ready primer that takes you through a few do's and don't' s (they are both for him and her.

For her

  • Tell him you adore his muscles
  • Roll your eyes in disgust whenever the subject of your ex-boyfriend comes up
  • Remember to compliment his mother on her culinary skills
  • Pay attention to his little sister's hobbies and heartbreaks
  • Offer to pay occasionally on a date if you're both earning comparable salaries. If you insist on going dutch all the time, more power to you.
  • Compliment his taste in clothes/food/décor/music/art. Whatever applies.
  • Tell him you love him. Often.

For him

  • Tell her she looks beautiful
  • Refrain from making hooting noises when a bombshell walks past the two of you.
  • Hold her hand at the most schmaltzy moment in a romantic film.
  • Tolerate, even sing along to `your song'.
  • Avoid all comparisons with your ex's.
  • Burn your black book.
  • Be a gentleman. Pick her up and drop her to her home on a date. Open the door for her. Guide her through crowds. It is always appreciated.
  • Call after a wonderful evening and tell her it was wonderful.
  • Call when you say you will call.
  • Send her flowers.

For her

  • Don't let him ever see you with your green cucumber face mask
  • Don't Pee with the door open
  • Don't discuss your menstrual cycle
  • Don't try to make him jealous by flirting with the stud at the bar
  • Don't refer to his mother as that woman
  • Don't forget the deodorant
  • Don't buy him gifts that are too expensive until you are exclusively a couple.

For him

  • Don't belch, fart, nosepick or do any unmentionable scratching in front of her
  • Don't rush to grab a seat in the theatre before she does.
  • Don't order for her from the menu
  • Don't expect to be forgiven for everything.
  • Don't forget any anniversary/birthday or momentous occasion
  • Don't fail to comment on a change of hairstyle or a new outfit
  • Don't forget the names of her best friends/siblings/great aunt/ godmother
  • Don't expect her to sink into your bed just because you paid for the dinner and the disc
  • Don't buy her personal gifts like lingerie or clothes until you are sure of her tastes. Or until you know her sizes right.
  • Don't buy utility items as gifts. A toaster is not romantic. Nor is a handblender.