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10 things women don't know about men

1. He suffers from the Quilt Complex. Men in bed are often like commanding officers, who want an up-to-the-minute bulletin of combat under the quilts. Sample: "Are you still enjoying it?"

2. When behind a wheel and next to a man, you will be suspected of being congenitally colourblind. Remember your driving-cum-geography class will end only when the drive does.

3. He may never forget his ex-girlfriend's waist size, but sooner or later, he will surely forget your anniversary. Before amnesia does you part, anniversary and birthday dates, (yours) need to be circled in red on the calendar and served at least a week before. Warm.

4. Until your marriage, you are Madonna. But some time into matrimony, don't fret if your man stands corrected. You will suddenly morph into an overweight nag, a slob, a god-awful bore, who has similarities to her mother, that your man forgot to notice when he was courting you.

5. When he says his neck hurts, read pamper me silly. Men when ill are like whining infants who need to be attended upon round the clock. Remember, however, that he is never too ill to watch India playing cricket against Pakistan on the idiot box.

6. Men too have a psychobiological clock. They think often of the pluses of having children. They want someone to carry on their legacy, someone to look after them when they're old. Someone with whom they can share their secret Bloody Mary recipe. Becoming Mr Mom is something they don't want to put off forever.

7. Men are as sensitive as you are about the bulge syndrome. See how he turns red when you comment on the excess flab on his tummy. In the battle of the bulge between you and him: heads you win, tails he loses.

8. Men picture their grandmothers when they see anything that has to do with knitting, crocheting, needlework. And as every man will swear, his grandmother never had sex. So hide your handicrafts when you are having him over.

9. When he tells you that he loves your breasts, chances are that he is not lying. This is one of his real lines.

10. Men are not biologically programmed to be monogamous. So never let him convince you easily that you are the one and only one for him 'forever and always'. These are only words; even he doesn't know what he means when he is saying them to you. .