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The Wedding Night !

The night when your heart beats fast and your adrenalin sours high. Need some tips, some better way to handle the heat and help yourself have a perfect time..get in !

Do couples have to do "the deed" on the wedding night? How do first-timers deal with the excitement, anxiety, or even fright involved with "having to do it" on the night itself, as many couples would think? Will you feel embarrassed after "the act"?

We have spoken to several newly-weds and found that quite many of them do not actually do it on their wedding night. This may not be a bad thing after all. Picture yourself having gone through months of planning and preparation for this biggest day in your life. The various customs, the church reception, tea ceremonies and the banquet, if all done on the same day, can be especially overwhelming. Some couples are simply too tired after the whole affair that they just want to have a good sleep in the hotel after a hot bath. You have only been through several months of stress and would not want to stress yourself further on the night. But, if you "have" to do it the night, we venture to clarify common myths and offer you some encouragement here.

"Doing it the right way"
Sex is really not meant to be something stressful. While there have been many books which attempt to recommend various ways of doing it, what's most important is the level of comfort between a couple. Don't worry about doing it the right way. For a start, just let things come naturally and enjoy each other's intimacy for the night.

"Getting over it quickly"
In you desire to hide your anxieties, you may think it's best to "get it over quickly". This is definitely not something recommended. On the contrary, try talking to each other. If one party happens not to be a first-timer, all the more for him or her to try encourage the other party. Share your common excitements and insecurities. Communication is the key here.

"Following conventions"
You would probably have heard about the common ways of making love. Is it necessary to follow the norms? Bear in mind that this is your night. Really, you are always free to "do anything you want". You would surely want it to be a night to remember. Of course, explore the options with your partner first.

Don't worry if things don't turn out perfect at the first time - you will have many more nights to practise. The first time is always awkward to many couples, since this is a big step to removing any barriers between you two. Give yourselves more time to understand what each other needs and how you can do it better next time. As the saying goes, "Practice makes Perfect".