VSAM@Mainframe Programming
VSAM is an ACCESS METHOD designed to operate in a virtual storage environment.It is not a DBMS or a Language or a Communication System. The function of a VSAM is to provide an easy way for program to store data on and retrieve data from an external device without concern for a physical details of transferring bytes of data between the program and an I/O device.
Creating an MVS mini system
It is mainly for safety. With a mini MVS system on disk you can re-IPL immediately in the case of a big crash

Planning your path from OS/390 to z/OS
Are you running OS/390 V2.6 or V2.7? Do you know IBM no longer supports these releases?

Catalogs - MVS Internals
Catalogs are used by MVS to locate datasets when a task attempts to allocate them without supplying their volume serial number.

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