Sagittarius is the ninth Sign of the Zodiac. After Libra's first reaching out to others and Scorpio's exploration of the world through emotion, Sagittarius uses knowledge to understand the world. Sagittarius is the Sign of Philosophy and Religion, and people born under this Sign are the scholars and learners of the Zodiac. They seek the truth and the meaning of life, and they love to explore through knowledge. Higher learning is a major focus of their lives. As the ninth Sign, Sagittarius also rules the ninth House: the House of Philosophy.

The Astrological Symbol of Sagittarius is the Archer. The Archer is a Centaur, half man and half horse, and it is the only Sign of the Zodiac that is half man and half beast. Centaurs were the great scholars and intellectuals of Greek and Roman myth, but they could also be hotheaded and aggressive. This tradition is maintained in Sagittarians. They are not fixed or opinionated, and they have no set plan or bias but seek to learn things as they come. In this way, Sagittarius exemplifies the Mutable Quality assigned to it. They desire the freedom to do what they want, when they want, and tend to be impulsive and independent. Within the Zodiac, Sagittarius is opposite Gemini, the Sign of Communication. While Gemini likes to learn a little bit about many subjects, Sagittarius tends to be about deeper and more focused learning. They are versatile and progressive, but at times they can be impatient and pushy if things aren't getting done in the way they want.

Sagittarius is ruled by the Planet Jupiter. In ancient Roman mythology, Jupiter (and his Greek equivalent, Zeus) was the King of the Gods. Jupiter represents expansion in all its forms, including the mental outreach so prominent in Sagittarians, but it also may invite excess. It is the Planet of Luck, and many people born under Sagittarius do experience good luck. Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces; Sagittarius is the masculine, or day, aspect of Jupiter and Pisces is the feminine, or night. Both Signs are about thought and outreach, but while Pisces focuses on the higher ideal of a perfect world Sagittarius is more interested in mental exploration as teachers and philosophers. At times they can procrastinate or seem self-indulgent, but they are trustworthy and charming, adaptable to all situations. While they can appear to be extravagant and flashy, they are generally good-humored and generous.

The Element associated with Sagittarius is Fire. Fire Signs are physical: they tend to respond to the world through action, rather than practicality, intellect, or emotion. While they are about action and getting things started, they are not in a hurry like Aries can be. They want to experience life, rather than read about it, and they are outgoing and friendly. Sagittarians are broad-minded and enthusiastic, but they may sometimes seem to have foot-in-mouth disease as they may talk too much or speak before thinking. They are eager and inspirational, experts at getting things started, but they can also seem irresponsible or tactless if they jump in too quickly. They are not pioneers in the sense that Aries is, but they are explorers and interested in mental outreach. Their innate optimism and belief in straightforward dealings with other people can sometimes make them careless or impulsive. Many Sagittarians enjoy travel and spiritual study, and they have daring and adventurous spirits.

Romantic Profile : The sign of the Archer rules the House of Philosophy, something which speaks volumes about these inquisitive, knowledge-seeking souls. Sagittarians are truth seekers, focused intensely on learning about their lover and exploring them more deeply. Truth be told, the Archer wants to explore everything deeply, so conversations in bed can run the gamut from religion to politics and which position is most comfortable. These versatile and charming folks enjoy taking a long drink from the cup of life, something which also makes them exceedingly flirtatious and great social animals. Sagittarian candor is only matched by the need for independence, a guileless raison d'etre which can be an aphrodisiac to many. The Archer loves a challenge, just the kind of thing which spices up their already hot love life. The game of love is a straightahead affair for the Archer, one where the rules are laid down from the start. A good time is important to Sagittarians, so playful dates will be the right appetizer for this zesty lover. Those born under this sign are intuitive and as a result have a good sense of what, and who, they want. The one lucky enough to get in their sights is in for a wild time! Possibly the sexiest part of the game for the Archer is maintaining a sense of independence in the face of a blooming relationship -- there is nothing sexier for these folks. One possible exception might be honesty, which is often why a Sagittarian lover is also a best friend.

Relationships: Mental fireworks will surely fly in a relationship with the Archer, for nothing seems worthwhile without them. This eagerness to learn can make for one very curious lover. Sagittarians love the idea of a companion, a friend/partner who can share in their quest for truth and knowledge. This relationship will be active and spirited, filled with adventures to faraway lands as well as exotic fantasies in the bedroom. Traveling has never been more fun than with the Archer! This enthusiasm comes with a keen sense of loyalty for a deserving partner, but the Sagittarian's lover must be careful not to make the mistake of becoming boring or possessive. If so, they'll be vanquished from the lair (minor rifts, though, are gladly patched up in bed). The ideal Sagittarius soulmate is well-read on everything from Philosophy to Sex and not afraid to practice what they preach.

Love: Love is wonderful for many, but it's a bit of an enigma for the Archer. What, after all, is love? To libidinous Sagittarians, it's often sex, plain and simple. These straight-shooters want a partner who is a mental and physical equal, yet one who understands "love" on their terms. This means mutual independence and an ability for each partner to do, and be, exactly what they want. Love can be hard for the Archer, since a fear of intimacy often swirls around them. For this reason, a friendship first is often the best way to encourage a love relationship with these folks. If this can be achieved, it's splendor between the sheets.

Sexuality: The Archer is a Fire sign: 'nuff said, at least where sex is concerned. The initial Sagittarian response where sex is concerned is through physicality as opposed to emotion or practicality. The Archer is not shy, and like the half beast/half human that he/she represents, is quite the sexual animal. In other words, these folks are always ready! Sagittarians like to enjoy many an erotic experience, in keeping with their outgoing and sociable nature. Their great libido also lends itself best to an artistic and graceful lover, qualities they very much admire.

What Sagittarius Needs:A true friend who can go toe-to-toe with the discerning Archer while not making any serious demands spells pure bliss as a partner. These independent souls also prize a lover who understands and embraces the value of alone time. Mental stimulation can be as exciting as the sexual kind for Sagittarians, and if conversation is honest and open, things will continue to develop and grow. An equal in the bedroom is also a delicious reward. Foreigners, or anyone fairly exotic, are often an irresistible lure to the Archer. The Sagittarius lover is a philosopher, wanderer and explorer who insists on living life to the fullest. The zest for adventure and quest for knowledge they possess will move many. Only independent folks need apply for this red-hot ride!

Love Compatibility: Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius

Sagittarius Career Profile : The freewheeling, happy-go-lucky Archer is a good person to have on the sales team -- they'll probably get the order, hopefully before they unintentionally insult the client! Sagittarians like to have fun, smiling and laughing with colleagues and feeling as if Lady Luck is on their side. They are also passionate about what they believe in and, as befits a fiery sign, will work doggedly on their causes. The Archer is a good team player who can plot the course ahead with broad brushstrokes and convince everyone around that it's the way to go. The most important Sagittarian quality may be hope. If you're on a sinking ship, pray that a Sagittarian is on board! These positive, optimistic people can do wonders with something they believe in, which makes them ideal for turnaround or public service situations. They also need freedom and plenty of room in which to roam. The Archer is adept at social situations (sly?) and insatiably curious (spy?). Knowledge is power to those born under this sign, which makes them excellent researchers. What to do with all this information? Put it to work, of course! There's lots to be done where the Archer is concerned. Travel is the Archer's middle name, and this isn't restricted to a wandering mind. While Sagittarians love to philosophize, they also like to hit the road, visiting exciting lands filled with exotic strangers. They won't be strange for long, though, since the Archer connects easily with people and will quickly learn everything about them. This can be a double-edged sword, though, since Sagittarians tend to look at the big picture and neglect important details. An efficient aide de camp is essential for the macro-wired Archer. Sagittarians are well suited as travel agents, explorers, professors, photographers, ambassadors, import-export traders and thrillseekers.