The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac
Have you ever wondered why people love or hate you, why you vibe with some people so well while ignore some. Have your ever wondered on your compatibility with fellow beings and why your promotions are not taking off. Find out the traits that the infinite skies have in store for you? Find out more about your inner-self? So, are you that incurable romantic? Find out now......
Arians like being the leader and aren't as comfortable in the subordinate's role.
The great strength of the Taurean-born is in their stability, loyalty and determination.
A union with Gemini is many things, but it is certainly never boring.
A slow, yet smoldering, courtship is what the Crab loves. What's the rush, anyway?
If there's someone who likes being the center of attention, it's a Leo.
Need a quick fix? Call a Virgo. Those born under this sign simply love to analyze.
The Libra lover is a harmonious soul who adores love, beauty and the romance dance.
Are you going to cross a Scorpio on a business deal? is your life insurance paid up?
The freewheeling, happy-go-lucky Archer is a good person to have on the sales team.
People born under this Sign are both ambitious, disciplined and determined.
The Aquarius lover is unconventional yet innovative, a charmer who can wow a crowd.
Sex is an emotional affair for the Fish, as is the case with much of their lives.